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Research and Development is an important part of the Alpha Agro and the breakthroughs pioneered by our skilled and dedicated R&D team enables the Organization to create new products which meet customer needs, as well as optimising cost and quality control.

The R&D focuses on three main areas:

- Process Development
- Product Application
- Product Improvement

The company has the latest advanced, cutting-edge facilities at its disposal and uses them to maximum effect to spearhead the achievement of the Organization’s superior products and follows a Quality Improvement program to ensure high standards.
As well as developing new, enhanced products which are tailor-made to meet customer demands, the R&D team is actively involved in monitoring existing products to ensure consistent levels of product quality and expectation. We have a fully equipped laboratory to carry out all the necessary QC and R&D activities. Sophisticated equipments like various supporting and machines are used to carry out detailed analysis. In addition, we also have an application laboratory that focuses on customising product application.